Bernie Sanders Wins Lowell's Democratic Primary

1st Choice Results

Democratic Primary Results

Thank you to everyone who voted!

In the Democratic Primary, Bernie Sanders won a slim majority of 52% in the first-choice vote, eliminating the need for a runoff. Meanwhile, Elizabeth Warren won 31% of the first-choice vote and 43% of the second-choice vote, while Sanders won 27% of the second-choice vote. Click here for full Democratic results. Overall, 174 ballots were cast in Lowell's Mock Primary, 165 of which were in the Democratic Primary, 6 of which were in Republican Primary and 3 of which were in the Libertarian Primary. Turnout was much higher among upperclassmen, with Juniors and Seniors combined casting 141 votes compared to the Freshmen and Sophomores' 32 combined votes (one person did not mark their grade). Visit the What If? page to see how different demographic groups voted. Donald Trump won the Republican Primary with 5 out of 6 (83%) of first-choice votes. Andrew Jackson had 1 out of 6 (17%) first-choice votes. Click here for full Republican results. Vermin Supreme won the Libertarian Primary with 2 out of 3 (66%) of first-choice votes. Kim Ruff had 1 out of 3 (33%) first-choice votes. Click here for full Libertarian results. See the results page for all the data.